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I am typically against individual shares due to their myriad risks but a few can be fun to play with. So, I provide ones that I see are about to accelerate to my Premium Subscribers.

My core plays are JNUG, USLV, SGDJ & Sprott Asset Managementís PSLV for preserving your profits by putting them into real Silver during corrections rather than just cashing out.

FYI, PSLV is structured to be taxed as a regular stock & not a collectible. So that is a big reason for PSLV vs. physical.

I also play individual stocks when there is a solid setup with significant short-term gain possibilities.

Of course, cash is always an option.

Having real Silver in your home or business is subject to robbery. So, I have sold my physical Silver & bought PSLV instead. I know this goes against the "stackers'" philosophy, but that is how I choose to invest in Silver.

I do not short sell because I believe it is an abomination created to manipulate stocks downward, especially since the 1929 Depression-era Glass-Steagal Act's "uptick rule" was abolished
during the Clinton Administration.

I do not play the downside in Gold & Silver because there are so many Black Swans out there & one can land at any time & send them much higher.

Since Gold & Silver are subject to manipulation at any time by the Bullion Banks, Bank for International Settlements, U.S. Exchange Stabilization Fund & U.S. Treasury, nothing is ever guaranteed to follow its natural pattern as demonstrated in 2011. (See the Gold page.)