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Bitcoin (BTC)



This is the early stages of BTC's move to new highs.




Here is a midterm price projection with the short-term action overlaid.



This is the juncture of two Pitch Forks, one accelerating.



Here is the beginning of the nice money-making Pitch Fork
as BTC will now follow it to its all time high.



This shows the peak at the top of the Pitch Fork & then an attempted recovery.

Bitcoin was starting another move higher but was stopped in its tracks
due to an engineered take down.



A week before the above chart, this was my prediction of BTC
going to $1 Million in just over a year.

I believe this is why the advance was thwarted. The big boyz wanted to get in.



Here is where the parabolic advance was stopped as
TPTB engineered the price below the lower black parallel line.



BTC had a huge spike up on 4/2/19 because it broke the long-term (black) trend line
going back to the Dec 2017 top on 3/29/19,
then it moved over the 200-Day Moving Average & really popped.

As you can see on this chart, there are blue lines converging around May 2019
 to an energy focal point which I started showing last October.

One of my theories is that there are energy points in the future that pull the price
towards them (W.D. Gann saw these too) &
then cause significant moves as the price passes through them. 
I have been adding blue lines since October & they all fit very well.

 The recent spike sure makes my theory more valid. 
The top of the Pitch Fork to the left is the one that
perfectly tracked the last move in BTC to over $20,000.



BTC did spike through the focal point.



BTC is near the top of its pitch fork & would actually top out a few days later.



On this chart you can see that a break out above the mid-term dashed line
was thwarted for the third time.

In addition, the breakout above the shorter term solid, black down trend line was also reversed.
Finally, the blue up trend lines showing acceleration were broken.
At the time I said "Somebody is holding BTC down."

Then, on Oct 22, 2019 Former CFTC Commissioner Christopher Giancarlo admitted
the Federal Government thwarted the 2017 bull market.
So I have no doubt they were in here stopping this advance.

My technique was predicting a run to new highs on this move but it was not to be.



BTC is in a down trending fan.



BTC is now being suppressed by the US Government &
here's an example of their technique.


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