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Andrew's Pitchfork Trading Rules

I believe that Alan Andrew's discovery of the Pitchfork technique is not yet understood by most people who play in the markets. It is truly revolutionary as the movements of any tradable item are governed by Newton's 3rd Law of Physics & are therefore able to be forecast with a very high degree of success.

Mr. Andrews made many $Millions using this technique.

This is a basic summary of Andrew's Pitchfork Trading Rules:

  1. A Pitchfork is composed of three lines, a center Median Line, ML, with two parallel equidistant trend lines on both sides of it.  The ML is inherent energy of the stock price that shows where the price is headed.
    Regression analysis adds immensely to finding the direction.
  2. A stock price & its chart is a living thing that follows Newton's 3rd Law of Physics: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.
  3. 80% of the time, price reaches the Median line (ML) when a pitchfork is working.
  4. When price reaches the median line, it can "zoom" through it, bounce off it or go back down.
  5. Prices should reach the median line on a regular basis during an uptrend. Failure to reach this line shows underlying weakness that could foreshadow a trend reversal.
  6. Also, failure to reach the upper or lower lines indicates weakness or strength price and must be watched closely.
  7. When price goes beyond the upper or lower lines,
    a new trend may be commencing.
  8. A pitchfork can be extended with parallel lines into infinity because once a pitch fork exists, it generates energy that repeats. Unfortunately, current price action can be confounded by a pitchfork's energy from the distant past that you did not know existed or manipulation typically by "deep pockets."