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I typically email Charts every day.
The ones posted here are a small sampling of my technique.


I am very proud of this Chainlink/BTC chart from 7/2/2020
as I nailed the move to the top of the pitchfork.

This is the comment I sent to my subscribers:
"LINK/BTC is getting ready to break over horizontal resistance &
then move to new highs on its weekly log chart.

Its indicators are all bullish & it is now in the Fibonacci Time Zone #3. The two previous zones have led to price spikes.
When itís time, itís time.

This is the Chainlink/BTC chart as of 7/22/2020.
It shows the price went to the top of the pitchfork &
found resistance there, as expected.


This is my latest Link chart showing a big breakout is about to occur.


I sent this Litecoin chart to my
subscribers on Dec 12, 2017 just as LTC was topping.

 I tracked that rise to the Dec 2017 high using pitchfork technology &
then found the top with Fibonacci Extensions.

The low to the high shown here happened in only five days.
It looks like a slightly inclined pitchfork but on a longer time frame,
it is very steep.

This is a site based on Alan Andrews' Pitch Fork technique whereby, when properly applied, results in an 80% accuracy rate.


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