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Premium Service

I really have something here & want to share it.

For a $5 trial subscription (new subscribers only) I will provide stocks
to take best advantage of the coming rise in Silver
 which is now outperforming Gold.


Since a banker-engineered correction is occurring in mid August 2016,
 I am keeping an eye for stocks with the best setups to
achieve significant gains in a short period once the dust settles.


$10 is for a month of continuous updates on my favorites.
I also am offering a yearly subscription for $120.

The monthly subscription price is not guaranteed to last
so it is best to lock in the yearly rate.

If you don't join, I will only be telling my free newsletter
subscribers & posting in my Twitter feed
when there is something with a nice setup.

If anyone makes any money based on my charts,
all I ask is a tip.

If you have not seen my first two offerings to Premium Subscribers:
look at their charts on the Predictions & Results page.

Please subscribe. I can make you money.
$10 for one month or $120 for a year.
Your account will be charged on a recurring basis.

By clicking "Subscribe" I will
be solely responsible for my purchase.
I understand there are no guarantees.



One Month Trial
If you do not want to commit to a subscription,
but would like to experience my
 Premium Service,
I am offering a One Month Trial for only $5.

$100 Service
Since this technique applies to any stock, for $100 I will perform a one-time
pitch fork analysis of any stock over these four time periods:
8-hour chart, a daily chart, a weekly chart & a monthly chart.

I usually can clearly define trends across those time periods.
If I cannot, then you will be refunded in full.

Number of Charts
Please provide stock symbols


If you make any money with my service, please tip the wiz.


Individual stocks of all companies are subject to myriad risks like
share dilution, lawsuits, country risk, regulatory changes,
mother nature, acts of God, etc.

So, I will not be held legally responsible for anything you do with your money.
I am just a lowly computer wiz & cannot predict the future
with 100% accuracy, yet I am striving for 80% accuracy.

I am not a financial adviser & any purchases with resulting losses
are your responsibility & yours alone. Just tip me if you have gains.
Before you buy anything please read the Terms & Conditions.


Home Predictions/Results Silver Gold Amazon Pitch Fork Rules Philosophy Premium Service Ethereum Bitcoin